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  • API Access is available.
Messaging Solutions

Once an order is placed, you'll typically receive a text or phone call from our support and/or provisioning team to affirm scheduling details if needed : we take care of scheduling an installer to visit your home or business and "test & tag" a line at your wiring box guaranteeing the service speed per our agreements

MultiAgent Support

Sub-accounts make getting every team member communicating conveniently across your web-properties.

Engineer Support

Get 1-to-1 help with integration and customization. Be first consideration for development suggestions and improvements.

API Access

Breadcrumbs, history, visitor and operator into convenient JSON data to easily integrate into your own apps.
UNMETERED.IO manages services for members while partners autonomously maintain operations
Support aides with inquiries and setup instructions while device settings are available in ClientArea
For assistance more complex than account setup, please inquire about UNMETERED.Tech